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powerful goddess temple in Karnataka must visit once in life

Sri Kshetra Siddasiri Vadanbailu is originated by Sri Mahamathe Padmavathi Ammanavaru. This originality is constituted by Huttha Padmavathi, Bale Padmavathi and Chaturmukha Padmavathi. In addition to this newly constituted Ammanavara Basadi, Mukthinaga, Kshetrapala, Bhoothanatha, Mahasathi (Maasti) Sampathnaga, Yakshidevi and Chowdi Devathegalu.

The said Kshetra is performing Daily Pooja in the morning, afternoon and evening together with Annadaana, wherein many number of devotees are visiting regularly to have the blessings of Mahamathe Padmavathi. For performing daily pooja, Annadana and maintenance expenses will be around Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 per day.

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Away from city, the place is situated in the lap of mother nature. The holy place is in the midst of forest is the source of extraordinary happiness. No pollution zone, the pure air is endowed with healing power and is helpful in meditation as well. It is a good place for prayer, when Muni Shri Devanandhiji on 2010 visited and named as Siddagiri Kshetra. It becomes necessary to tell the route to the place as many devotees from different parts of India visit the place. The place is situated 8 Kms away to the west from the world famous "Jog Falls". One can come from Jog Falls or from the near by village kargal to the pilgrimage center. Kargal about 13 kms, Vadanbailu. Jog Falls 8 kms, Vadanbailu. Its about 175 kms from Hubli and 110 kms from Shivamogga. While coming from Jog Falls or Kargal one has to seek permission from A.G.M. (S) office of the K.P.C. (Karnataka Power Corporation).

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